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Apr 24

Ukraine's General Staff: "Russia launched 60 missile strikes on the territory of the country in the last day, and there are casualties"

"Russia launched 60 missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine in the last day. There are dead and injured among civilians."

"Report" informs that this was mentioned in the daily operative information of the General Staff of Ukraine regarding the situation at the front.

It was reported that Russia ignores international humanitarian law, destroys residential buildings and infrastructure:

"In the last day, about 60 attacks of the other side were repelled in different directions. The main efforts of the enemy are directed towards Bakhmut, Avdivka and Marinka. "The fiercest battles are taking place in the cities of Bakhmut and Marinka."

According to information, the opposing side suffers from a shortage of medical personnel on the battlefield:

"During the last 24 hours, the aviation of the Defense Forces of Ukraine carried out 14 strikes on the areas where the invaders are concentrated. Also, 2 "Merlin" reconnaissance UAVs and 1 "Orlan-10" reconnaissance vehicle, as well as 8 "Lancet" kamikaze UAVs of the enemy were shot down. Rocket troops and artillery units hit 3 radio electronic warfare stations of the enemy."

It should be noted that the large-scale war between Russia and Ukraine began on February 24 last year.
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