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Apr 24

Teacher of National Defense University of Turkey: "Armenian genocide" is a mechanism used only for anti-Turkish policy.

"April 24 actually means the distortion of the history of Turkish-Armenian relations and the arrest of science. The "Armenian genocide" and its false accusations are only a mechanism used for anti-Turkish politics.

This was said by Azerbaijani-born professor Ibrahim Ethem Atnur, head of the history department of the military faculty of the National Defense University of Turkey.

The professor said that every year on April 24, the Armenian lobby and its supporters accuse the Ottoman state of the so-called "Armenian genocide", but the Turkish side proves that these accusations have no scientific basis and are based on anti-Turkish political approaches:

"There was no such massacre in this calendar. In fact, mainly Armenians, Greeks and other non-Muslims collaborated with the occupying forces and carried out anti-human activities such as revolts against the Ottomans inside the country, damaging the country's telegraph lines and transport, organizing propaganda societies, and organizing assassinations. 670 of them were detained, 250 were arrested and punished, and some of them were later acquitted. But after occupying Van and subjecting the Muslims there to mass genocide, a decision was made to deport them on May 27, 1915. This was a step taken in terms of the security of the state. Negative situations that occurred during the deportation process were prevented, and those who committed them were punished. Also, not all Armenians were deported at that time, there were many officials of Armenian origin in high-ranking institutions of the state. In other words, accusing the Ottoman state of genocide has no basis based on historical facts."

According to the historian, the activities of the Turkish diaspora should be expanded in the direction of conveying the truth to the world community so that false accusations do not increase every year, historical issues are not used in political parliaments and through Armenian lobbies.
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